Weekend Treat: The way the Cookie Crumbles…


So I am lucky enough to be going on holiday at the end of this month, the sort of holiday that requires a bikini. Why am I telling you this? Not to make you insanely jealous or to rub in your face how great my life is – so don’t hate me for it, but it is part of the story. The story of …why the hell am I making cookies when I should be in hardcore health mode.

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Last Minute Food Gifts – Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge

Fudge – one of the most gloriously decadent treats that rarely passes my lips and thus the perfect Christmas treat. Furthermore it looks great cut into simple chunks and wrapped in celophane. And there is nothing I like more than something that looks extravagant with little precision or delicacy.

So it was decided fudge would make the perfect addition to a few peoples present stash this year.
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Last Minute Food Gifts – Bacci di Dama

As we creep ever closer to Christmas ( only 1 week to go!) the last place anyone wants to be is at the shops. I went yesterday so I can tell you. It’s exhausting, you loose focus and come home with less than you thought you would, having spent more than you planned. With this in mind I am now working on my last minute food gifts, the sort of thing you can whip up in minimal time and wrap in a nice box or some cellophane to mean visiting the shops is no longer essential. Alternatively everything I make will be great to just keep around the house to serve to those unexpected guests that drop in over the festive season.

Sounds perfect brilliant doesn’t it! Well quit your yapping and let’s get on with it.
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Tis the season to eat…. Squash

Well if my last post wasn’t autumnal enough for you be prepared to be bombard with food warmth that can only mean shorter days, rainy evenings and heart warming food.

Despite this week being ridiculously busy – I have been working on an extra special From Scratch Project for Christmas( details coming soon), I made sure I spent sometime making a warming treat to bring a bit of extra loving to my busy days. A few weeks ago I had a slice of pumpkin pie. Since then have been obsessing over root vegetables of all kinds.
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My Fig and I

Today I have had a love affair with figs. I think figs might be the greatest reason for September. Bold I know, but it’s worth considering I assure you.

After managing to get my hands on a couple of pounds (we are talking weight not monetary value, although thanks to seasonality and good old market shopping they weren’t far off) of figs and decided to go a little crazy. I have big plans for some sort of savoury fig and cheese tart for tomorrows lunch, maybe followed by a fig and almond sweet desert but those dreams I am saving for tomorrow. Instead, today I decided a lovely jar of fig jam would be my goal, with an accompanying loaf of bread.
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Suppers with Grandpa

I know I have been completely silent, a dreadful thing for any blogger to do. Stop blogging. Well Did you miss me? Hopefully.

The reason for this silence – well quite simply I had a holiday. I know if you’re a ‘lifestyle’ blogger you are supposed to blog everyday regardless of holidays. I know I probably should have kept you updated on all the wonderful food I was eating and making, but to be quite honest I just wanted a bit of a break and I am sure you appreciated it as well. Continue reading

Comfort Food: Peanut Butter Jelly Style

Now I know I wrote a blog a few months ago about not comfort eating, but this week I have been feeling ill ( who gets colds in the summer! I mean come on!) and I wanted a treat. So… I decided it was ok to bend the rules, in addition these aren’t 100% From Scratch but as I say I am ill so…. it doesn’t count.

Also I always feel so much hungrier when I have a cold so snacks are essential.
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Tennis, Bunting and British Summertime

So it’s been a fairly typically Wimbledon week, a bit of sunshine and a lot of rain. Just in case you forgot it is actually July now so time to celebrate the Summer.

Now I know today is 4th of July so I should be doing something USA themed. But I have decided to throw caution to the wind and do the most British Centric post I am yet to do.

Inspired by a trip to Wimbledon and of course the bad weather I have decided to celebrate summer with some Scones and Strawberry Jam. I even created a mood board, just to get you… well… in the mood.

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How to host the perfect Euro 2012 Final Party

Whilst watching the Spain vs Portgual match at a friends house on Wednesday night, we were discussing the ideal circumstances in which to view important matches.

At home could always be a risk, if you’re by yourself and it’s an epic game you don’t have anyone to share the highs and lows with, to listen to your comments or argue over a particular players form.
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A healthier breakfast

In my last blog I mentioned the challenge I had been set by ‘The Father From Scratch’ to create a healthy no carb breakfast option for him.

Now breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and when I look back I am quite shocked at how little I talk about it ( not in general life, more because I write a blog about food). For me the different combinations breakfast can offer are wonderful and I could quite happily have a day eating breakfast, brunch and brinner. The diversity of breakfast is one of its greatest delights so I can understand the frustration of only being able to eat a few different foods.
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