A healthier breakfast

In my last blog I mentioned the challenge I had been set by ‘The Father From Scratch’ to create a healthy no carb breakfast option for him.

Now breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and when I look back I am quite shocked at how little I talk about it ( not in general life, more because I write a blog about food). For me the different combinations breakfast can offer are wonderful and I could quite happily have a day eating breakfast, brunch and brinner. The diversity of breakfast is one of its greatest delights so I can understand the frustration of only being able to eat a few different foods.
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But it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end…

Recently I have been thinking a lot more about how important sharing food is. Whether you are cooking normally or completely From Scratch the time it takes to prepare each meal often means sharing it makes it all feel worth while. I am not saying I haven’t enjoyed meals alone because I have and whilst it is lovely to take the time to make something delicious for yourself it can be even nicer to share your creation with others. As they say sharing is caring, corny I know, but it rhymes and its true so why not hey?

With this in mind I have been in entertaining mode. And what better meal to share than Brunch!
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Musings on Muesli

Muesli is the oxymoron of the patient/quickie food analogy.

I compiled it in about 30 seconds, but to prepare the ingredients took over five hours (and if I had chosen different fruit, my research tells me could have been hitting the eight hour mark). Continue reading

In search of the perfect croissant…

(***Health Warning! The following recipes were cooked by trained professionals under strict safety conditions. Suppers From Scratch cannot take responsibility for any pastry induced cardiac arrests.  Do not attempt unless you plan to neutralize the copious amounts of butter with a strict exercise regime!***) 

So last week in my perfect French bliss I enrolled on a one day veinnoiserie course.  I was going to learn to make the perfect Croissants, Pain au Chocolat and Pain au Raisin. Continue reading

Croissants, Sourdough and Tortillas – around the world in baked goods

If you haven’t worked it out already I’m a bit of a baker at heart.  I love bread and cakes, biscuits and tarts, and in the last few weeks I have been on a baking spree – which I should probably stop fairly soon in aid of trying to eat a bit healthier. Whilst I said before it’s not about deprivation, it’s also not about pre-mature cardiac arrest!

However I thought I would share a few baking/flour based cooking treats from the last few weeks.
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