But it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end…

Recently I have been thinking a lot more about how important sharing food is. Whether you are cooking normally or completely From Scratch the time it takes to prepare each meal often means sharing it makes it all feel worth while. I am not saying I haven’t enjoyed meals alone because I have and whilst it is lovely to take the time to make something delicious for yourself it can be even nicer to share your creation with others. As they say sharing is caring, corny I know, but it rhymes and its true so why not hey?

With this in mind I have been in entertaining mode. And what better meal to share than Brunch!

The best reason for brunch is it’s a meal I don’t often make for just for myself, and its an indulgent weekend morning treat. In short a great meal, and a great way to start the day and in this case weekend.

For the central goodie of this Saturday Morning Brunch I decided to make Jam Twists. A take on the croissant, that I saw on Camille Styles blog.

They are so simple to make, the only thing is you need a bit of prep.

Jam Twists From Scratch ( or not if you are feeling lazy)

Jam twists are essentially a combination recipe.  Get Puff Pastry and Jam and combine.

To get the Puff pastry recipe – click here

For my From Scratch Jam Recipe click here


500g Puff Pastry

3tbsp Strawberry jam

Icing sugar ( enough for a generous dusting)


  1. Once you have made your Puff Pastry and Jam ( or acquired them) sprinkle a little icing sugar down and roll out the pastry and cut into two rectangles.
  2. Heat up your Strawberry Jam lightly in a pan just so the Jam loosens.
  3. Spread the Jam over one of the pastry sheets and carefully lay the other sheet on top
  4. Cut strips down the pastry, twist and lay on prepped baking sheet
  5. Bake in the oven for 20 mins at 180 degrees
  6. Leave to cool and then sprinkle with some icing sugar to serve, then munch away!

They are brilliant brunch treats and make excellent snacks for the rest of the weekend if you have any left over! Just be careful not to scold yourself on the hot Jam. I can tell you from experience its not fun!

With such a simple recipe, I thought it best to complement it with some simple and spring like table decorations. As I believe when you are make something yummy its deserves a nice table to sit on, as do your guests.

That’s the thing about sharing food its not just about what you eat,  its about making the effort and taking the time to show you care. Not always possible but when you can it feels great.

SO… here is some inspiration for my spring brunch table

Let me know what your favourite meal to share is?

P.s. With a wedding looming there will be hen party food goss coming to you very soon. Who says what happens at a hen stays on a hen … watch this space 🙂

One thought on “But it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end…

  1. I like sharing Pancakes with Loads of different Toppings. It’s a brunch thing too and you can try out combinations like strawberry’s, marmite & bacon. Boom! It’s really good because you can be adventurous as you like and everyone likes pancakes!