Dream of Californiacation

Guess what it’s November and this morning I watched the sunrise, had a massive sweat in jeans and a shirt and swam outside in pool.

No I am not crazy I am just in LA! Hurray for Sunshine! – it’s like getting a second summer.

Now I am not just telling you this to make you jealous, I promise. It’s a set up, you know where you set the scene for what you are going to say.

(Yes, Yes, stop explaining what  you’re trying to do and just do it.)

So the reason I thought I would fill you in is firstly as I am in the US for a few weeks I wont be cooking. I know, sad. However I thought I would use the next few weeks to make a scrapbook of inspiration on the blog and share some of the food I am eating and being inspired by.

Should be fun right.

So let’s get started. First things first we need to address portion sizes. This is 100% the land of plenty and so far everything I have been served has been generous. Even when I have asked for a small/ half size its still a pretty big meal. Don’t get me wrong sometimes you get things akin to the size you are used to at home but its usually called small.

I am not ranting or complaining about this and its nothing new so really I am not sure I can count it as filling you in. Let’s just call it background or filler.

Moving on from the filler to the real meat. Today’s Inspiration.

All the way from LA I bring you……

A Grilled Peach Salad and Strawberry Lemonade.

A dreamy sun filled lunch.

The salad was actually a great combo, I sometimes put apples or pears in my salad but rarely grilled peaches, this one also had dried cranberries and gorgonzola in. Together this maybe for a beautifully tasting combo. I am also thinking cranberries in a salad could be the way to go to jazz up a Christmas time salad. What do you think?

Moving on from my delicious salad I would like to write an ode to Strawberry Lemonade.

Strawberry Lemonade one of the worlds best inventions. You are your sweetest made fresh but I wont even turn down the ones made with Strawberry syrup.

It’s like having sweets but there is a much more satisfying flavour because of the tart citrussy lemon. In short you are a dream.

To finish the day I ate a tuna burger. One of the best burgers I have ever had and not just because it was tuna. It was so light and delicious, served with lettuce, onion, some lovely sauce with a nice kick to it and again a hint of lemon. Light different and throughly satisfying a great end to a day of culinary delights.

One of the great things about LA is the sunshine and you can taste it in the food. Fruit and Veg are healthy here . The peaches are juicy , the salad greens are fresh and quite frankly the flavour combinations are delicious.

Let’s hope the next few days bring equally sunny and inspiring food. So even if you are feeling the cold back in Blightly make some strawberry lemonade and pretend its summer. If only for 10 mins.

Next stop San Diego….

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