From San Diego to Snow and Back Again….

From Sunshine

I know it was supposed to be a scrap book that filled up day by day. But realistically with intermittent wifi and some might say too much fun – if one can have such a thing, posting photos of my food just didn’t happen.

However that doesn’t mean I wasn’t inspired and don’t have some great meals to share. Back in the surprisingly mild climate at home it’s time to share my holiday delights and dream of the future meals they inspire.

The greatest thing about California is how diverse it is. Not only in climate but in cuisine.

With everything from Pancake Breakfasts to Chinese Feasts with the odd frozen banana and glass of fresh lemonade thrown in along the way this trip certainly fed my over indulgent appetite.

Here are a few of my favourite dishes

Yummy Huh!

I know there is nothing here that is particularly revolutionary but just trying some of the same foods in a different place can give you a whole new spin. For example the amount of porridge (or should I call it oatmeal) I had with different toppings and flavours has certainly given me a new look on my everyday breakfasts. I have now gone from porridge with honey to … why not try blueberries, or what about some golden raisins, scrap that and just add a little brown sugar and bananas, or what about a few strawberries or apple and cinnamon. All from one trip. Now that’s revolutionising breakfast. I guess food is the same as everything else, when you go on holiday you see things in a new light, get inspired to try something different and come back with new projects to pursue.

So what has all this eating inspired me to do? Well… quite simple perfect a simple vegetable supper. My favourite plate of the entire holiday was an aubergine and chilli dish served as part of my House of Nanking Feast (a great restaurant in San Francisco). This was without a doubt one the best things I have ever tasted. So now I am determined to come up with something of my own that satisfies this aubergine shaped whole in my food conscious. Time to get back in the kitchen!

To Snow

One thought on “From San Diego to Snow and Back Again….

  1. Nice photos Lucy. Have you tried, not strawberries with porridge, but Strawberries with cormflakes. Had a friend who loved it.
    Glad to see the holiday went well. Be in touch soon