Simple Suppers: Sunshine Chicken

Sunshine Chicken

People keep on talking about how rubbish January is and, to be quite honest, I don’t really get it. Yes the ‘Holidays’ are over and we are all weighing heavy under the prospect of this year’s resolutions, and the weather does make everything look a bit grey. But despite that, if you look at it the other way we have a whole year ahead of us filled with wonderful seasons and plenty of opportunities to have a go at making things happen.  We all just need to seek out the sunshine from other places. With this in mind I decided to try and get some sunshine in my cooking just to add a bit of colour to the monotonous malaise that is currently hanging over my house. For me this means an array of bright vegetables, warming spices and a simple quick recipe.

So here it is – my January Sunshine Chicken!

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Super foods? Or Super Heroes?

Food can make you feel great. You know when you have a really good meal filled with loads of yummy and nutritional goodies you get a wave of energy and a feeling that you could do anything. It’s brilliant isn’t it? Especially when you are flagging and have no energy sometimes food can be that pick me up you need. Yesterday that was what I needed, something really good for me to give me an extra boost. Just like Popeye with his spinach or Bananaman with his bananas sometimes food can even turn you into a super hero.

If I had to pick my superhero food … well then … I would undoubtedly be Broccoli Girl!

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Last Minute Food Gifts – Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge

Fudge – one of the most gloriously decadent treats that rarely passes my lips and thus the perfect Christmas treat. Furthermore it looks great cut into simple chunks and wrapped in celophane. And there is nothing I like more than something that looks extravagant with little precision or delicacy.

So it was decided fudge would make the perfect addition to a few peoples present stash this year.
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Last Minute Food Gifts – Bacci di Dama

As we creep ever closer to Christmas ( only 1 week to go!) the last place anyone wants to be is at the shops. I went yesterday so I can tell you. It’s exhausting, you loose focus and come home with less than you thought you would, having spent more than you planned. With this in mind I am now working on my last minute food gifts, the sort of thing you can whip up in minimal time and wrap in a nice box or some cellophane to mean visiting the shops is no longer essential. Alternatively everything I make will be great to just keep around the house to serve to those unexpected guests that drop in over the festive season.

Sounds perfect brilliant doesn’t it! Well quit your yapping and let’s get on with it.
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Simple Suppers: Warm Winter Salad

Today I fancied both something fresh, warming and above all healthy. Not always an easy combination, warming and healthy yes – you make soup, fresh and healthy – you make some sort of light veg dish. However the three combined always seems to throw me into somewhat of a muddle.

Nevertheless today I think I might have cracked it. Warm salad!
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Tis the season to eat…. Squash

Well if my last post wasn’t autumnal enough for you be prepared to be bombard with food warmth that can only mean shorter days, rainy evenings and heart warming food.

Despite this week being ridiculously busy – I have been working on an extra special From Scratch Project for Christmas( details coming soon), I made sure I spent sometime making a warming treat to bring a bit of extra loving to my busy days. A few weeks ago I had a slice of pumpkin pie. Since then have been obsessing over root vegetables of all kinds.
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Simple Suppers: Now it is Autumn

I am not sure when it officially becomes autumn, but for me it’s the change from craving light refreshing suppers to yearning for warming stews and rich flavoured delights. That has certainly been the case this week.

The rain has been falling, it has been freezing outside and all I really fancy doing is cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and warm toast. Unfortunately that is not a sustainable diet, so other options must be found to help sooth our souls as the wind picks up and the evenings grow dark.

This week I decided to turn a classic summer dish, risotto, into a warming autumn treat.
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Banish the Bland

I just wanted to write a quick post about why you would eat From Scratch.

The other day I went out for dinner ( I know, not From Scratch – but there is a point so bare with me)

I ordered a fairly simple noodle dish which I received and did taste very nice, but it didn’t really have flavour it was just nice (I think perhaps It might have been the msg) anyway the point the food tasted nice but it was beige. No other colour just beige. It supposedly had about 10 ingredients in it – all of them apparently were beige. Now essentially there is nothing wrong with it, as I said it tasted nice but that was it.
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Simple Suppers: Peperonata

Now I have lied a bit in the subject line because I didnt actually have it for supper. This was todays lunch. But it was a lovely warm and filling lunch so as far as I am concerned it counts as supper, obviously I will still be eating supper, but you get the picture.

Peperonata has been on my list of dishes to try for a while now. SO when I came back from the gym starving, I did what any sensible person would do and had a banana.

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