Super Green Juice?

Green Breakfast Juice

So lately I have been reading a lot about green juices and alkalising your body. Word on the street is we all eat to many acid based foods and as a result our digestion is, well not at its best. Apparently the way to avoid this is eating lots of leafy greens for the majority of your day. The popular way to kick this off seems to be green juices for breakfast.

Now I am not particularly one for health fads and the thought of a spinach, lettuce, celery and apple smoothie doesn’t massively appeal – frankly I would rather eat a salad. But I am curious. People extol the virtues of these things saying how delicious they are, I am usually predisposed to think they are liars/ have no tastebuds, however after gorging on way to much chocolate and in the theme of rebalancing, I decided it’s worth at least trying once right?

So I did. Yesterday morning in fact.

I used what I had rather than go on a special trip so I had a spinach, apple and celery smoothie.

This isn’t really a recipe but

  1. I took ½ glass cold water, a large handful of spinach and blended
  2. Then added ½ chopped apple and 1 stick of chopped celery and blended again
  3. Added a bit more water because quite frankly at this point it was almost a solid
  4. Then I drank a whole glass

Green Recipe

What did I think?

Well, It definitely filled me up, it didn’t really feel like breakfast but it certainly quenched my hunger. It didn’t make me gag, it wasn’t disgusting at all, in fact it was fairly bland. Therein lies the problem. If I was an ‘eat to live’ kinda person I could have this for breakfast most days, it filled me up, it was quick to make and easy to drink and a very healthy way to start the day. But sadly I am a ‘live to eat’ kinda gal.

Maybe over time I will be willing to get this healthy and stick it out until I am just used to it but in the meantime quite frankly I would rather have porridge.

Let me know if you do any juicing, what combos you have and what you think of green juices – are they breakfast for you?

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