Seasonal Tastes: April

Seasonal food

One of the things I know about cooking and eating from scratch is that seasonality is key to tastier, healthier and cheaper meals. There is really no better argument for eating with the seasons. Also as a bonus point it brings more variety to your diet and meals. However it is all too easy to get stuck in a food rut, buying and eating the same foods. But before you reach for that same old courgette or steadfast apple, why not take a look at what is at its best right now. After all why wouldn’t you want to be eating food that is at its absolute best.

To help you out and to remind me, I put together a little mood board of food that is in season for April. Hopefully it will be as inspiring for you as it has been for me and we can all start cooking food at its best.

So why not get experimenting this weekend! Let me know what your favourite seasonal ingredient is and what you are planning to cook this weekend.

Images: Rhubarb via Spoon Fork Bacon, Rosemary via Manger, Radishes via Spoon Fork Bacon, Wild Garlic via food fun, Kale via Love and Lemons, Watercress via Martha Stewart

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