Weekend Love List – Holiday Inspiration


I know we are not quite there yet as well frankly it is the middle of August but with Haloween on the Horizon I can’t help but get excited about the upcoming Holiday Period. Whilst I try and control myself on the Christmas front until at least the 1st of December there are still plenty of celebrations before that. I am helped in my family by having a number of important birthdays on the run up to Christmas as well.

But let’s break it down for a second. Over the next few months we have Halloween, Bonfire night, Thanksgiving ( I know it’s not technically a british holiday but one of my best friends from the states is in London this year so we are firmly celebrating Thanksgiving – a new holiday- so exciting) then I have a lot of birthdays. And then Christmas ( oh and still more birthdays – thanks family!)

Oh wait and then New Years.

For someone who likes a party and anything with a theme this is a dream.

So whilst I thought I would share some of my favourite links for the week I also thought I would maybe slightly theme it ( don’t you love a theme) with some of the things that have been getting me in the mood for Holiday time.  

This has got Bonfire night treat written all over it. Obviously along with bonfire night fudge, toffee apples and sausage rolls. Obviously.

Some lovely Autumnal Craft Ideas

Cake baked in a Pumpkin! Umm. excuse me that might be the best sentence ever written. There are no words.

This got me all excited about Christmas – boy do I want to make smores. 

Some useful fonts for any party invitations and christmas cards. Always useful.

A must for Halloween decorating!

And finally if I was going to dress up as one things this Halloween – it would definitely be this.

I hope you all have great weekends! Whatever you are up to why not treat it like a holiday. 

image via allysonbakerdesign

Salt Dough Decorations – DO NOT EAT!


Today is a first – today I am sharing a recipe made with flour that you shouldn’t be eating! Shocking I know. However Salt Dough decorations are so easy to make and a lot of fun. This year they made the perfect addition to my tree and meant we all had a lot of fun personalising our own decorations before we hung them on the tree. So if you are in need of a few extra decorations why not try these.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……. From Scratch

About 8 weeks ago I realised Christmas would soon be upon us. A little early I know for the end of September but – I was right wasn’t I – time just flies!

Anyway I was getting excited about the upcoming holiday and decided that there really is no better time to dip your toe in the From Scratch pool than Christmas. With all of the cards, decorations, food and gifts floating about there is so much opportunity to have a go at making a few things for yourself. Whether its the odd mince pie, an extra special Christmas card, or a pair of hand made socks the things that you make at Christmas really make a difference.
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Crafternoon Delight

This weekend was the first From Scratch Crafternoon Tea party and it was….. (I love building the suspense) ……… (Can you handle it)…..

Amazing! (Well I was hardly going to say that is was rubbish was I!) Surrounded by some wonderful From Scratch supporters we embarked on an afternoon of making things From Scratch.

Despite the earlier hiccups of not being able to fit the Afternoon Tea Table through the door (we tried all combinations of angles and pivot points but to no avail!) it all went pretty swimmingly. The cakes didn’t burn, the jam set (despite being on the gooey side), the madeleines were delicious and the scones rose. I felt like a complete domestic goddess. Especially once you throw in the homemade bunting, which was very fun and easy to make, I felt like the British Martha Stewart.
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Hear Ye, Hear ye…

So this is it people… There was only a certain amount of time that I can sit
around planning and thinking about all the amazing things I could do with Suppers From Scratch and not do something.

I know we all like a good ponder and I certainly do. You should see the mind map I created based on what I could do with From Scratch. But then I realised the number one question : Why do anything? Isn’t it good just as it is?
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