Crafternoon Delight

This weekend was the first From Scratch Crafternoon Tea party and it was….. (I love building the suspense) ……… (Can you handle it)…..

Amazing! (Well I was hardly going to say that is was rubbish was I!) Surrounded by some wonderful From Scratch supporters we embarked on an afternoon of making things From Scratch.

Despite the earlier hiccups of not being able to fit the Afternoon Tea Table through the door (we tried all combinations of angles and pivot points but to no avail!) it all went pretty swimmingly. The cakes didn’t burn, the jam set (despite being on the gooey side), the madeleines were delicious and the scones rose. I felt like a complete domestic goddess. Especially once you throw in the homemade bunting, which was very fun and easy to make, I felt like the British Martha Stewart.

Can’t you see the similarities?

So with a decked out room filled with bunting, paper pom poms, a craft table, cakes, tea and lots of dotty tea cups everyone sat down to enjoy some afternoon tea and have a crack at making these beautiful lavendar strawberries.

Despite everyones different level of crafting expertise we all went home with a complete strawberry, the knowledge of how to make a French knot and a pretty full belly. I think it’s fair to say it was a success.

The best bit though? Seeing the smiles on everyones faces and knowing the feeling of achievement that taking the time to make something for yourself can bring. As I have said countless times (I know… boring) you really can’t replace that feeling you get when you take a break to learn something knew and make something for yourself or someone else.

SO what can I say… thank you to everyone that came and made it such a special day and reminding me why the heck I am spending my time doing this. And If you couldn’t make it, then never fear for you have multiple options.

  • Firstly head over to the From Scratch Club where the instructions on how to make your own strawberry will soon be up
  • Secondly have a gander at our page on Facebook and the Events page to keep up to date with the next From Scratch event
  • Or thirdly check out our party service, pick a date, invite some friends and we can come to you and help you host your own Crafternoon Tea!

WOW! Now I know you found that exciting.

Sales Pitch aside though, go and do something. Make a loaf of bread, sew a fabric strawberry or even make a cup of tea. Just take the time to do something and enjoy it, not just the outcome but the actual doing. Revel in the success of the experience not the ultimate creation. After all, life isn’t about getting anywhere it’s about being here now.

So BE.

4 thoughts on “Crafternoon Delight

  1. Looks amazing! Trying the strawberries is next on my list. Might have to ask for a private tutorial though.. My jam straws weren’t quite as I’d planned! X

    • I am indeed. Its a food festival called farm the city – I’m going to have a stall and help to cook up a vegetable feast in the afternoon. It starts at midday and runs till about six. It’s all about eating good food, being healthy etc, I think there is even yoga classes happening and stuff so it should be a fun day. Definitely come along if you are free. x