Salt Dough Decorations – DO NOT EAT!


Today is a first – today I am sharing a recipe made with flour that you shouldn’t be eating! Shocking I know. However Salt Dough decorations are so easy to make and a lot of fun. This year they made the perfect addition to my tree and meant we all had a lot of fun personalising our own decorations before we hung them on the tree. So if you are in need of a few extra decorations why not try these.

Salt Dough Recipe

½ Cup Salt

½ Cup Water

1 Cup of Flour


  1. Pour salt and flour into a bowl
  2. Then add the water and mix up – this should form a nice soft dough, if your dough is either too sticky or too dry either add a bit more flour or water until you have a soft pliable dough
  3. Lay out on a floured surface and knead until it’s nice and smooth – about 5 mins
  4. Roll out until they are about 1- ½ cm thin depending on how thick you want your decorations and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes
  5. If you have a microwave- microwave for 3mins to dry them out, if not place oven on a low heat and leave for 4/5 hours or air dry in 2 days
  6. Then it is time to decorate! Go crazy with paints, glitter and anything else you want to adorn your decorations with.
  7. Finally hang in pride of place on your tree

Simple, so much fun and a nice reminder about what Christmas is really about… Glitter!

If you are keen to make more of your own decorations why not check out Christmas From Scratch. And guess what now you can get a free sample of the book here.

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