Hear Ye, Hear ye…

So this is it people… There was only a certain amount of time that I can sit
around planning and thinking about all the amazing things I could do with Suppers From Scratch and not do something.

I know we all like a good ponder and I certainly do. You should see the mind map I created based on what I could do with From Scratch. But then I realised the number one question : Why do anything? Isn’t it good just as it is?

Well yes it is, and it’s been a great personal journey, but personal schmersonal! Somethings in life are meant for sharing and this is definitely one of them, if only to encourage other people to just taste a slice of the From Scratch life and see what it can do for them. So I am not asking for a year of your life, just a few hours devoted to making something From Scratch, trying something new. Maybe you keep it for yourself, maybe you share it with others or give it away. Whatever you do you have taken the time and that right there is the gift.

So what am I babbling about?(I know you are all screaming just get on with it already, I stopped reading after ‘people’!)

Quite frankly I want to spend more of my life immersed in From Scratch and help you all get moments of it throughout your day. So not only is the blog going to get bigger and better, but I am launching From Scratch events. Click here now for a full description but in short I am going to be running workshops and events so you can have ago at trying things From Scratch whether they be food, crafts or miscellaneous items of fun. In addition we are launching a party service – fancy some From Scratch food and being taught how to make a craft? Well we can show up your party complete with food, cups and bunting and teach you and your guests how to make something exciting whilst chowing down on homemade From Scratch Tea. What could be better, right?!

To celebrate this, I am throwing a launch event at From Scratch Headquarters in London. Join me on Saturday 9th June for our special Crafternoon Tea Party. You get to have a try at making your lavender filled fabric strawberries ( all set for summer!) whilst munching away on a completely From Scratch tea  including Victoria Sponge, Strawberry Lemonade, Scones, Millionaires Slices and some more delights. We are asking for a small contribution of £8 to cover cost of materials (don’t worry, it’ll be the best £8 you’ve ever spent!)

Places are limited so email me lucy@suppersfromscratch.com to book yours now.

So that’s it really, announcement over. I will step down from my speaking podium and hand the reigns back.

What do I need from you?

Just your thoughts – are you a fan? Or yelling at the computer ‘you idiot- I don’t want anything to change, I like it just the way it is!’

Or if I have just plain confused you, check out the full information about my new project here.

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