Nectarine and cherry tart

Nectarine Tart

After my last post, you can guess that I have been pretty enamoured with Nectarines recently.

And when it comes to desserts. Nothing can really beat a summer tart. So with two Nectarines and some Cherries left in my fruit bowl and friends coming over for dinner there was nothing for it but a Nectarine and Cherry tart.

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The Joy of Nectarines

One of my favourite things about summer is the variety of fruit you can get hold of during this fantastic time of year. Peaches, Cherries, Nectarines, melons, all of the Berries, you name it, its in season and its yummy. And when I say yummy I mean tastes of sunshine yummy. Right now I am having a love affair with Nectarines. They are without a doubt the perfect things to bite into on a hot sunny day.

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Banana, chocolate chip and hazelnut loaf

Banana loaf

This week I had to do some last minute baking. You know the sort, where you pull something together in a limited time, based on what you have in your house. I love doing this, as I always seem to find new recipes, exciting combos and usually wind up making something I have never made before.

This week it came in the form of banana, chocolate chip and hazelnut loaf. I know banana and chocolate are a classic combo so I am not really doing anything too revolutionary, but I always use walnuts when baking banana bread or cake. So when I found I didn’t have any in stock, but had a whole load of roasted hazelnuts, the choice was obvious – why go to the supermarket when I could use up what I had.

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Simple Suppers: Pea and Mint Soup

Pea and Mint

Pea and Mint, natures ultimate combo, so sweet, so refreshing, so simple. What a perfect summertime lunch or supper. And even better british peas are in season so you can have freshly picked soup! It’s like waking up in a fairytale where summer is actually real and everything tastes delicious. I new I wanted to do something seasonal, and yesterday I was stuck for lunch and decided to make something out what I already had in the house. You can imagine my joy when I realised I had ingredients for pea and mint soup. If you can’t imagine – let me know put it this way I was pretty darn happy.

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Simple Suppers: Gnocci, Asparagus, Bacon and Courgette Salad

Gnocci, Asparagus

One of the best gifts I got this birthday was a wonderful Cook Book from my Sister and Brother in Law. It’s called a Salad for all the Seasons and has a great range of recipes all split seasonally. As a From Scratch advocate seasonal eating is high on my to do list. So this was perfect inspiration for healthy and seasonal culinary yummies.

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Rainy Saturday Baking


April brings us rainy days. I was trying to be healthy but then the Saturday rain fell and there was nothing for it but to bake.

I was having fun playing around with the camera as well. So think of this as more of a picture book than blog. I hope you like it!

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Super Green Juice?

Green Breakfast Juice

So lately I have been reading a lot about green juices and alkalising your body. Word on the street is we all eat to many acid based foods and as a result our digestion is, well not at its best. Apparently the way to avoid this is eating lots of leafy greens for the majority of your day. The popular way to kick this off seems to be green juices for breakfast.

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Seasonal Tastes: April

Seasonal food

One of the things I know about cooking and eating from scratch is that seasonality is key to tastier, healthier and cheaper meals. There is really no better argument for eating with the seasons. Also as a bonus point it brings more variety to your diet and meals. However it is all too easy to get stuck in a food rut, buying and eating the same foods. But before you reach for that same old courgette or steadfast apple, why not take a look at what is at its best right now. After all why wouldn’t you want to be eating food that is at its absolute best.

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Time to get healthy

So I don’t know about you but I certainly over ate this weekend. I predominantly gorged on chocolate cake and other delicious sweet stuff. Delicious as it was, and I wouldn’t take it back, I think it is time to redress the balance. I think what’s called for is a more mindful week or so of eating with the focus on eating foods that give me more energy and make me feel good. If you want to redress the balance and just have a bit of a health kick this is the place to be.

So jump aboard.

First stop inspiration.

The key to any sort of healthy habit changing is to enjoy the experience. If you create hell for yourself it will never stick. So what we really need is some good ideas for yummy healthy food and creating positive habits. Continue reading