Food for thought- Fake Food Vs Real Food

(Don’t worry this isn’t about the plastic Fisher Price food, its about actual food – the stuff you can eat)

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I have been eating, you might have realised from the attempt to not cook the most fatty desserts in the world that I am erring on the side of healthy food. Not to say that I always eat good food, I don’t, but when you eat From Scratch at least most of the food you eat is real food. I know this sounds a bit crazy, of course all food is real food, but when you think about it the stuff that sits in tins, or in processed packages with additives and preservatives by the time it reaches your mouth is it really food or is it just edible stuff? And does it really make a difference?

Well, I think yes, I think whilst its not the worse thing in the world to occasionally eat convenience food, baked beans aren’t all that bad. But as people spend so much time worrying about our daily allowances, too much salt, sugar etc. Shouldn’t the first port of call of improving the healthiness of the food we eat be about eating real food? We have the resources, the food is there. We just need to have the confidence to believe we can make something as, if not more, delicious as what we find in a package on a shelf, the patience to understand that the time we put into making something for ourselves doubles back on us in terms of healthy food and positive feelings of success. And finally when you take the time to make something for yourself you will see that there is so much pleasure to be had in the meditative process of cooking that it can change your mood entirely.

I was recently discussing this premise with one of the trainers at the gym I go to, he countered my suggestion that everyone could eat From Scratch if they wanted to, with the argument ‘time is money’ this is when I gave up. I realised he would never see my point of view, because yes lots of people lead very busy lives and find it hard to fit everything they need to do into a day. But, time isn’t money, time is your life, so rather than spending 30mins ‘relaxing’ in front of the tv why not spend 30mins actually relaxing in the kitchen whilst you prepare something delicious filled with love for yourself and others. So what are you waiting for, no excuses, you can follow a recipe, you can make something delicious and be proud that you are eating real food. The stuff that actively does you good. (please note I include homemade cakes as real food – although they might not do you as much good as a homemade soup)

To help you out and to encourage me to eat real food everyday, I am going to start a real food series on the blog, giving you recipes and tips to get you on your way to eating real food everyday. So start preping your cooking area!

One thought on “Food for thought- Fake Food Vs Real Food

  1. I want to eat this now!
    Oh and please prepare a weekly supper menu for me which can be put together in 30 to 40 mins each pm – oh, and a shopping list too. Oh, and include a couple of things which will still be good a couple of hours later for the returning hunter-trombonist
    . That’s the gauntlet thrown down! – enjoy the sunshine! X