From Scratch Club

So after nine long months it has arrived. The bun has been slowly baking away since January, and now it’s ready to leave the oven and say hello to the world, and you, the good people of the From Scratch kingdom, will be the first to see it.

No I am not talking about a baby, but in fact the launch of the Suppers From Scratch exclusive members club!

If you are loving the From Scratch journey and want to get in on the action, now you can.

The club is free to join, takes two seconds, and will be your number one resource for everything From Scratch, from extra recipes, hints and tips, and the odd Jam label.

Offering you an access all areas VIP pass into the From Scratch experience, the From Scratch world will be your oyster.

With Christmas not too far away, (in food and advertising time – not real time) there are going to be great additions, recipes and other treats that only club members are privy to.  So now is the time to jump on board (then in six months time when Joe Public hops on the bandwagon, you can say you were here before it became cool!)

Join now to get your cookbook

You can join right now and be part of the From Scratch revolution (well maybe that’s a bit strong- lets go with ‘party’!)

Non-members will continue to hear about the disasters and triumphs of the rest of my year – but will miss out on all the exclusive goodies available to members!

To get you started members can download a PDF cookbook of my staple recipes from the last six months. In less than 10 pages you will get all the basics you need to survive From Scratch for a few weeks, including bread, pasta, and ice cream.

So if you like a lot of From Scratch chocolate on your From Scratch biscuit, join our From Scratch CLUB!



P.S. dried fruit and homemade muesli coming to a screen near you!


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