Sweet Christmas Inspiration


You may (or may not) have noticed the absence of posts over the last month or so. I have been in a mini shame spiral as a result of this. Feeling guilty about not posting, but at the same time not really feeling like I had much to share or write. Now don’t get me wrong it has been a busy month, making 3 completely different kinds of Birthday cakes, prepping all sorts of Christmas goodies, planning a wedding, working a lot, seeing friends and family and generally having a ball. So in short that is where I have been. Busy, and not particularly inspired. However Christmas is just around the bend and I am now planning a few delights for Christmas day, listening to my Christmas Soundtrack I couldn’t help but feel like a I should share the best of the Christmas Inspiration and recipes I have been pouring over.

So here we go: 

I know this is for a party but I want to have always have a table filled with Christmas cookies and other treats

And here are some treats that would definitly make the table

A Great list of Holiday starters and snacks – The baked Brie and Cranberry compote looks particuluary good

Indoor Smores – nuff said 

I also want a hot chocolate bar

And finally I really want to make these for Breakfast on Christmas Morning – what a perfect way to start the day! 

I hope that list helps to inspire your own Christmas Treats. Personally the one thing I know I am definitely going to make is a Yule Log. My own personal favourite Christmas Treat. 

So check back tomorrow for some Yule Log love!

Image via House of Ernest 


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