Why I cook


Today has been one of those days. You know the days where you feel like you have so much to do even if you lived the day twice over you still wouldn’t get it all done. The work, jobs, admin, favours, etc. pile up and up like a never-ending list that seems to avalanche down on you. Couple that with a serious case of feeling sorry for myself as I have a slight cold, and you have my day. SO when I kept realising over and over again that today was Thursday, Thursday Lucie, you write a blog which you post on Thursday. Remember that? Remember you are being good and consistent with your posts and posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Remember. Well I kept remembering and realised I hadn’t cooked anything and photographed it, I had nothing to share. What was I going to do. About 30mins ago I had all but given up on today’s post. It’s gone Lucie, you’ve failed ( this is my internal monologue – incase you hadn’t guessed – we are going a bit stream of consciousness – forgive me for this). So I gave up and started cooking and then something magical happened. I just chilled out. I forgot about the stuff I had to do, the emails to write, receipts to file, blogs to create, everything on my jobs list melted and I just relaxed. And I realised that’s why I cook. It is not because I am virtuous and healthy and super organised. It’s because when I cook I change state. I go from worried overthinker to clear minded peace. Unlike watching TV or spending hours in front of my computer on pinterest I was doing something. But It was easy, I wasn’t thinking I was just doing. Cooking makes me switch off, it gets my away from the wretched screens I spend my life in front of and places me entirely in the moment. 

Oh, the moment. Don’t you just love it when you are living life right there and then, not thinking, planning, worrying, pre-empting, reliving, just being right there and now. That for me is the biggest gift of cooking and ultimately the number one reason I cook. I know that shouldn’t be the case, and food should come first. But what else are good meals if not about the experience? Which is why cooking from scratch is so great, because the experience starts from the moment you set down your chopping board and get out your ingredients. Life isn’t to be rushed through it’s not about ticking jobs off an endless list. It is about the experience. I needed to remember that today, cooking reminded me and now I feel like it’s my job to remind you. 

So there you go. Stop worrying and just cook! 🙂

p.s. more recipes soon, I promise.

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