Weekend Love List


Boy is this weekend a busy one! Today I am out all day and this evening, tomorrow a trip out of London to meet my parents and then it is Monday again. How quickly does the weekend seem sometimes? However that is not the way to be approaching it on a Saturday morning. No Siree. Especially since I am off to Berlin next week for a 3 day holiday. So in fact leisure time extends in front of me like a wonderful yellow brick road of possibility. The problem is I am not the sort of person who does nothing. So I always end up busy even when there is not much going on.

Anyway despite all my plans I am hoping to get some time in the kitchen and also some time having chilling out on the sofa with some good reads.

If you are at a loose end this weekend why not check out some of these.

I have a real urge to make a fancy looking Pie like this one. I never have, so it is definietly on the to do list.

Discovered this lovely blog this week – I really enjoy her approach to food and there are pretty pictures.

Another great find of the week – doesn’t this salad look amazing. This is what I want for Dinner! 

Not food – but the coolest illustrations – I think he might have seen me on the tube – the blonde lady staring! 

This looks like such a fun project for next year. I love craft kits!  

Finally because it wouldnt be a weekend without cookies – I am definitely making these bad boys!

Whatever you’re up to  – Have a lovely weekend!

image via Famille Summerbelle – Ryo Takemasa

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