Back to School

Everywhere you look over the last few weeks the theme of ‘back to school’ has been steadfastly in my vision. My pinterest has been full of it and loads of my favourite bloggers have been doing features on it.

And I can understand why, just like in January the thought of a new start is intoxicating and however many years out of the education system you are September always feels like a fresh start. A time to set some good routines, sharpen those pencils, rejig your wardrobe and hit the gym before you descend into winter comfort. As a result I thought this week I would be inspired by this and give you so fresh inspiration for your own back to school routine whatever that maybe.

So check back this Thursday for some inspiring packed lunch recipes. Because let’s face it boring soggy sandwiches are no way to start the new school term and you might as well use that positive energy to create something yummy for yourself.

In the meantime, here are my picks for your back to school necessities: 

Brit’s guide to making that back to school apple a bit more exciting!



I always loved creating a new hairstyle for my first day back – Think I might try this out.



The ultimate notebook has to be monogrammed – I have been working on mine, but here is a great blog on how to make your own.



Oh and if you need some more inspiration – get inspired by some of the best!

Back to school Lincoln Rollings Style, and Camille the definitive mood boarder.

See you on Thursday for some healthy and delicious packed lunches!


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