Scrumdidlyumptious bars – the results

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I love this weekend. The weekend of hot cross buns and mini eggs for breakfast. Yes, you heard me correctly ( or should I say, read me correctly) MINI EGGS FOR BREAKFAST.

Mini Eggs

But this post isn’t about mini eggs or breakfast or even hot cross buns. This is about the results of my Scrumdidlyumptious bars/ a suggestion for what you should spend part of your day today doing (if you haven’t got plans that is).

So this is it 5 chocolate bars, 5 different flavours, 5 different challenges:

  1. White Chocolate (read Milky bar) with Raisins and Nuts
  2. A mix of Milk and White chocolate flowing in ribbons with juicy Raisins, bubbles of Praline with some Honey crisp bits with caverns of soft Caramel
  3. Orange Chocolate with Hazelnuts
  4. Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cointreau
  5. Layers of Nougat, Caramel and Biscuit, covered in milk Chocolate with an embedded champagne truffle

I will save you the suspense and tell you now bar a few minor hiccups this was a pretty successful outing. I will admit straight out I definitely didn’t do it all from scratch, to be fair I only had one afternoon to get it done. But despite that, being in control of your combinations means this is so much fun regardless of whether you do it all from scratch or cheat a bit. And there will certainly be more unique Easter gifts than your usual eggs.

So without further ado let’s get on with it.

Number 1: White Chocolate with Raisins and Nuts

This is so simple and fun I barely even need to write a recipe.

1. Melt Chocolate in a double boiler (In a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water)  – watch your Chocolate as it burns easily so keep stirring

2. Pour in your Nuts and Raisins and then mix

3. Pour into your mould – or in my case a greaseproof paper lined small bread tin- and leave to cool for an hour in the fridge

To make this a bit special I added a Milky Bar kid to the top. But you could add whatever decoration you fancy or just leave it plain.

White Chocolate Fruit and Nut

Number 2: Orange Chocolate and Hazelnuts

Again so simple, very delicious.

1. Melt your Chocolate, then grate the zest of one Orange into your mix

2. Add Hazelnuts and stir

3. Pour into your mould and leave to set


Orange Chocolate and Hazelnuts

Number 3: Dark Chocolate with Cointreau and Almonds

So this is slightly more troublesome than it sounds as you can’t pour liquor into melted Chocolate, it changes the texture and becomes gritty – so the answer = soak the Almonds in the alcohol.

I know I am just repeating myself but just in case you want to know here is what I did.

1. Melt the Chocolate

2. Soak the Almonds in 1tsp of Liquor

3. Mix together and pour into mould. Leave to set for a few hours

Dark Chocolate1

Number 4: A mix of Milk and White chocolate flowing in ribbons with juicy Raisins, bubbles of Praline with some Honey crisp bits with caverns of soft Caramel

Here I cheated entirely but it was so much fun to make something that sounds this delicious so quickly so here it goes.

1. Melt Milk Chocolate in one bowl and White Chocolate in another

2. Get a Caramel bar (broken into its pieces – try and keep the caramel in tact), a Crunchie Bar ( chopped into pieces) and Lindt praline balls

3. Pour in some Milk Chocolate, then pour over some White Chocolate. Use the handle of a spoon to create a marble effect

4. Drop in your Raisins, Crunchie Bar, Lindt Balls and Caramel Bar into the chocolate. Then pour over the rest of the Milk Chocolate and then the rest of the White and use a spoon again to create your marble effect

5. Leave to cool for a few hours

MIlk and White Chocolate

and Finally

Number 5: Layers of Nougat, Caramel and Biscuit, covered in Milk Chocolate with an embedded champagne truffle

Now I will admit from the start I didn’t have a champagne truffle, I couldn’t find one and I didn’t have time to make one so this doesn’t have a champagne truffle – however I did use a Chocolate Praline truffle as a replacement.

1. Melt your Milk Chocolate

2. Pour a small layer into your mould. Lay your Nougat on the Chocolate, layer your Caramel ( you can either buy this pre made or make by boiling Condensed Milk), then pour on your crushed Digestive Biscuit

3. Carefully pour over the melted Chocolate and then place your Truffle in. Then leave to set

4. Once set pour a fresh layer of melted chocolate over to neaten up the outside. I then decorated using a few ribbons of White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate with Nougart, Caramel

And that’s it. Five Chocolate Bars, Five Happy Family Members.

Now that’s Scrumdidlyumptious!

Happy Easter!

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