New Domestic Bliss..

Sorry I have been a bit off the radar recently. The truth is the From Scratch Kitchen has been closed for refurbishment for the last few weeks. So I haven’t had anything to write about as I doubt anybody wants to here again about toast, the odd stir fry and cookies.

In truth I still haven’t cooked anything great to share with you, so really I still don’t have much to say. But you would be surprised how many words come out of ‘nothing to say’. Continue reading

From Scratch Club

So after nine long months it has arrived. The bun has been slowly baking away since January, and now it’s ready to leave the oven and say hello to the world, and you, the good people of the From Scratch kingdom, will be the first to see it.

No I am not talking about a baby, but in fact the launch of the Suppers From Scratch exclusive members club!
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