Peas in a Pod

Shelling Peas

Just like kneading bread, shelling peas is one of those simple pleasures in life that can bring undeniable peace. One of my favourite summer activities is to sit outside shelling peas, or broad beans. The process which can sometimes seem long, and in a society where often speed is valued over experience, ‘unnecessary’ holds within it one of the greatest pleasures in life, preparing food for people we love.

I could go on for hours about it, but for the most part it would be repetitive waffle. So I will merely suggest that you try and grab yourself some of the last of the Summer peas or beans and get shelling.

Peas in a pod

Once you have shelled them all here is some inspiration on what to do with them.

My very own Pea and Mint soup

Pea Pesto

Asparagus, Peas and Radish

Mint Pea Dip

And if you just want some comfort food – Baked Orzo, Mushrooms and Peas



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