Weekend Love List


So what have you all got planned for the weekend? It’s looking grey and rainy where I am so, it seems logically to focus my efforts on indoor activities. Which for me means a big clear out of my ever bulging wardrobe – I need to make space for some new autumn purchases after all.

Followed of course by some cooking, I don’t know what is in the menu yet so I am looking forward to hitting the shops and getting inspired. And with the cold coming in it’s time to pick up my knitting needles – I have found some great projects to get started on, so I can’t wait to get some new yarn and get knitting!

If you are in need of some weekend inspiration, here are a few of my favourite discoveries of the week.

Weelicious – I know I don’t have children yet, but I love this woman’s approach to food – sushi sandwiches anyone?

On a stormy sunday morning what better way to start the day than these waffles! My tip buy your ingredients today so you don’t even have to venture out in the rain.

Chocolate Raviloli anyone? The recipes all in french so get your french to english dictionary out – but what a great idea! I will be having a go myself so if you don’t want to translate yourself, keep your eyes posted on the blog and this will be up soon. 

With New York Fashion week having just taken place and london about to take off I love some inspirational street style – Maybe it’s the wardrobe clean out but I am in a clotheys mood this weekend  

Oh and incase you fancy some knitting yourself – how cute are these! I know its the wrong time of year but who doesn’t love a bunny.

Image via Love and Lemons

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