What a melon!


Watermelon… What a melon! Sweet, juicy and perfectly acceptable to cut into giant chunks.

Do melons get any sweeter?

I love this time of year. All the food is sooo good. It tastes like sunshine and happiness.

Truth be told I never used to like watermelon. I used to think it didn’t taste like anything. Do you know what I think though? I think I just never had a good one. It’s the difference between eating Lychees in England and having Lychees in a country where they grow on trees (quite literally). Now I know Watermelons aren’t indigenous English plants and most of the ones we find in supermarkets are from Spain etc. but they are so yummy, I have to have a least one a summer.

Then my second reason for loving Watermelons – they are big, you can literally create about 10 different dishes with one melon. That’s 10 different flavour combos, texture experiences and culinary challenges. When it comes to Watermelon the limit to the possible eating options pretty much just relies on your imagination. So get creative.

I might have exaggerated when I said 10 because as reason number three explains… they are so damn good just as they are… in fact I managed to devour a whole 5th just straight up. Cut into chunks and straight into my mouth. Yumma! And so refreshing.

 Shall I write down more reasons to love them?

Alright if you really want me to. Here we go:

  1. They are so bright and colourful they make you smile
  2. The stripes on the outside make them look like an exotic animal
  3. They are perfect sweet accompaniment to savoury dishes
  4. They are a great sweet treat just as they are
  5. Watermelon Lemonade is delicious (and you all know how much I love my flavoured Lemonade)
  6. They are easy to cut ( providing you have a reasonably large knife)
  7. Oh and did a mention they taste so darn good? No? You couldn’t hear that? Well they taste SO DARN GOOD!

So here is my Ode to a Watermelon 

My dearest watermelon. What a melon you are.

Sickly sweet, and unswervingly juicy

Life doesn’t taste much better than you


I love you my Watermelon.

And not only because you are big enough to hug

But because your bright and smily, and make me think of love


I dream about you all day long, those lazy days in the sun

life without you would be grey, in fact it would be darn right boring


So stick around my sticky friend

for you will always have a place in my heart (and mouth)


My dearest watermelon

What a melon you are.


Yeah… I just wrote some poetry. I do that now. 

But only to good food. It’s a waste of time otherwise.  Recipes to follow soon. I promise!

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