Andalusian Dream Salad

Dream Salad

What is better in life than food that reminds you of being on holiday. The nostalgia almost makes it better than the original. (Ok so obviously the holiday is better, but I said almost!) As I said earlier in the week I have been living in a little Andalusian dream, so decided to put together a dish that was tipfying all my cravings – Orange, Cous Cous, Almonds. These three Ingredients in particular have such warmth and richness to them, that they can’t help but evoke the sun dappled streets lined with orange trees.

Right, enough day dreaming and time to get some of that goodness into your lives as well. So without any further ramblings lets get on with making that sunshine food.

Andalusian Dream Salad (sorry about the name… I couldn’t resist!)


1 Orange

2 Large handfuls of Rocket

2 tbsp Cous Cous

2 Beetroot

1 Courgette

Handful of flaked Almonds 


Olive Oil

Raspberry vinegar

Salt and Pepper to Taste





  1. Thinly slice your Courgette and lightly fry in a pan
  2. Slice ½ your Orange, remove the rind and cut into pieces
  3. Boil the kettle, place Cous Cous in a bowl and cover with boiled water – leave to cook for 5 mins
  4. Chop your Beetroot and place in your salad bowl with the Orange and Rocket.
  5. Remove the Courgette from the heat and add to the salad
  6. To make your dressing squeeze the juice from the other half of the Orange into a bowl, mix with a nice glug of Olive oil and a splash of Vinegar, add ¼ tsp of Cinnamon and Salt and Pepper to taste
  7. Lightly toast your Almonds in a dry frying pan
  8. Then combine the Cous Cous into your salad, add your dressing, throw in some Mint leaves and garnish with your Almond flakes 


Then all you need to do is sit outside in the sunshine and give yourself a break. 

I really hope you enjoy my little slice of holiday memories – let me know what you think!

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