In the mood for…. Andalucia

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I just got back from a 10 day trip around Andalucia and my head and tastebuds are still reeling from the experience. Everything is so packed with flavour. Life there is decadent and bright. The focus on pleasure is unrivalled, it is something that seems to be built into the ground of each city. And what’s more the food is incredible, rich in flavour and uncompromisingly delicious. Oranges, dried fruit, mint tea, almond sweetened pastry’s, Iberico ham, chorizo and prawns, the list of decadent tastes is pretty much endless. In short it was pretty inspiring stuff. Want to know the best part? Well we finally have a similar climate to that of southern Spain, and seeing as I am not willing to part with my holiday memories too quickly, be prepared for some Andalucian inspired dishes. In fact, I might go and make one right now. So check back in a few days if this has whetted your appetite.

In the meantime, just get out and be decadent in the sunshine. Laze on the grass and read a book. Take time to sit and watch the world go by. You know, just go and enjoy being alive. 

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