Seasonal Tastes: May

Seasonal Eating May

What a delicious time of year. When even in England you feel like you can get a taste of sunshine. The arrival of peas. What a delectable vegetable. On my to do list this year – try to make a cake using peas. It has been done – and they’re so sweet I am hopefully it will be scrumptious.

Then there are Ramps – before my recent trip to the states I had never heard of Ramps, but all of a sudden they seem to be everywhere, and now I know they are wild leeks, I can only presume they will be well worth trying. Only thing to do now is just hunt them out. I will keep you posted.

So here’s to the seasons greens, Pea and Mint soup, Elderflower Jelly, Asparagus salad, Barbecued Sardines and well Ramps in something. Happy Eating.

Images: Elderflower via Good Food Channel,  Ramps Via My New Roots, Aspargus via Martha Stewart Food, Peas via Martha Stewart Food, Sardines via BBC food

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