An English Gal In New York

I have just had the pleasure of spending a week exploring New York. I had an absolute blast, so thought instead of my usual recipe I would share some of my trip and the great food I ate.

So be prepared for a mini series on a tourists view of New York in the next day or two.

I thought I would start with how to discover a city via cupcakes

I guess it would be fair to say I am a bit of a culinary tourist. Given my unquenchable love for food, it always plays a major part in the way I explore a new place and ultimately what I think of it. So when my friend suggested a tour of New York by bakery, saying I was keen on the idea would be a huge understatement. I was in awe. I won’t say this tour was definitive, in actual fact I don’t think I even scratched the surface, but it was an absolutely joyous way to spend the day if not a little calorific.

So here is my guide to just a few of the cupcake options New York offers. 

First up  – Baked by Melissa

Baked by Melissa

There seem to be quite a few Baked by Melissa’s dotted all over the city. I dropped in on the Upper East Side Branch and picked up a box of six delicious mini cupcakes. For the sake of experimentation I decided to go for Red Velvet as my cupcake of choice – simple, delicious and truly american.

That said I couldn’t help but load my box of six up with a few multi coloured and cookie dough cupcakes. Well they are bit size and I shared them so it’s fine. 

Verdict: They made a great after dinner snack and were perfect to share around with friends. They were definitely tasty, but If I am being honest they didn’t blow my mind. I think in one way the size became the issue as there wasn’t really enough of a sample to really luxuriate in the cupcake and as smaller cupcakes they were that little bit drier. Still unreservedly delicious!


Next up -Sprinkles


Now I know Sprinkles is an LA institution so I shouldn’t really be including them in my East Coast Cupcake roundup, But the shop was right there and these lived out in my memory as truly phenomenal cupcakes so I had to see if they could live up. 

Again Red Velvet was the choice and they did not disappoint. Deliciously moist, perfect frosting to cake ratio and that perfect texture of icing that means they are ever so slightly set on the top, making each bite as enjoyable as the last. Cupcake heaven. 

And lastly but certainly not least the New York Institution that is the Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery

The Magnolia Bakery was my last stop on a pretty cupcake filled day. Despite the large amount of sugar consumed there was no way I was missing out. A part from making a cameo in Sex and the City the Magnolia Bakery has a great reputation for delicious cupcakes. And in my opinion rightly so.  I went in to get a Red Velvet, you know to compare with the others, and came out with a Red Velvet and a Breakfast at Tiffany’s cupcake. I couldn’t resist White and Milk Chocolate with glitter and a chocolate sign, somethings are inevitable and me buying that cupcake was one of them. 

So what did I think of these? Well whilst delicious the frosting was more whipped and airy. Personally this is not my favourite type of Icing. So whilst the cake was delicious it was no Sprinkles. 

However the Breakfast at Tiffany’s cupcake which I devoured at 6am on the flight home was a true joy. I am not sure if it was just my sleep deprivation and the fact that I was stuck in an aircraft, but boy was this cupcake yummy. The perfect flavour combination – just not the healthiest breakfast.

So there we have it I have dipped my toe in the pool of joy that is the New York Bakery. I don’t think I have conclusive evidence to the best bakery, but I certainly enjoyed the experiment. 

Now for in house experiments. Red Velvet cupcakes here I come.

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