The Easter Countdown – Easter Nests

Easter Nests 1

Spring is on its way and whether the sun deigns to show its face is of little consequence. As of today I am counting down to Easter,  so I can only conclude one thing it is spring. No arguments.

As a result I am slowly filling my house with daffodils and the tastes of Easter.

Easter is one of the funnest baking times. I know you can cook other dishes at Easter but let’s face it why bother with that when there is chocolate. Amazing,wonderful, delicious chocolate, the best food source ever invented e.g. if you could live of chocolate I would. Did I tell you I love chocolate? Well I do. So in homage to the greatest food in the world I wanted to start my Easter countdown properly. There was no doubt in my mind where I was going… Easter Nests!

Easter Nests 2

Yes those childhood favourites, that you are never too old for. I have never seen anyone turn down an easter nest whatever there age. What’s not to love, cereal, chocolate, golden syrup, butter and MINI EGGS!

Today I had my first mini egg of the year and it was everything I knew it would be crunchy, chocolatey with a slight hint of vanilla. Joy of all joys. I could write this whole post on mini eggs, the packaging the little speckled parts, if there were hens who laid mini eggs, I would start a farm.

So that’s where we are – chocolate amazing, mini eggs amazing, Easter amazing.

If you think you don’t have time for Easter treats and are planning to buy all your chocolatey treats from the supermarket think again. If you make one thing – make these. They are so simple, so quick and guarantee you love from every guest at your house over the Easter period whether they be 8 or 80. So get out those fairy cases and lets get cracking.

Chocolate Easter Nests 


200g Chocolate

2 tbsp Golden Syrup

2 ½ tbsp Butter

300g Corn Flakes/ Rice Krispies/ Shredded Wheat

1 packet of Mini Eggs


  1. In a double boiler ( a glass bowl resting in a pan of boiling water) melt your chocolate, butter and golden syrup. Word of advice chocolate can burn so continuously stir this mixture and keep a good eye out. I personally like to remove the bowl from the pan when there are still a few soft lumps and melt the rest with continual stirring
  2.  Pour in your corn flakes and mix until everything is covered, do this bit by bit so you don’t get overwhelmed
  3. Spoon the mixture into cases, pop some mini eggs on top and leave to cool in the fridge for about an hour, then you are ready to go. Easter treats here we come!

Easter Nests 3

I told simple and delicious. I have already eaten about five in the time it has taken me to write this post, so be prepared, serve this with a decent slice of self discipline if you want any left for other people.

Tomorrow I am making my take on a Simnel cake – trust me it’s exciting. So be there or be square!

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