Weekend Love List


Gosh the weekend comes creeping around quickly doesn’t it! For me this has been a week of a lot of home cooking, with pretty much none of it being mine for a change. There is nothing like eating at other peoples homes to give you a bit of inspiration. 

This weekend I am off to a wedding which will fingers crossed be a lovely sunny weekend filled with catching up with family and celebrations. As a result there won’t be too much time for blog browsing but in case you have some time on your hands here are a few of my favourite finds from the week. 

The wonderful mimi (wow does her life look beautiful) on seasonal eating 

I am currently trying to finish off all my holiday reading and this is the best excuse for reading I have yet to find 

Inspired by dinner party food I am on a mission to master Pad Thai   

It’s fig season again and I can’t think of anything of a better dessert

And finally going into September it seems only right to try and freshen up my routine with some good habits. I am hoping this advice really does help me drink more water!

Whatever you are up to have a lovely weekend.  

image via The Nifty Fifties

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