Weekend love list


What a busy week! Arriving back from France on Monday night and straight back into work, seeing people, getting stuff done and eating a lot of watermelon. Love those kind of weeks.

Especially when they are followed by a lazy Saturday morning perusing blogs. The picture above is pretty much how I want my weekend to look. Anyway, after lots of blog reading I thought I would share my spoils with you all.

Don’t you love a bank holiday weekend – that glorious feeling of days just extending onwards and plenty of time to do a few jobs, see friends and do a whole lot of nothing as well.

So if you need some inspiration or just want to spend sometime looking at some pretty things get lost for an hour in this weekend love list.

First off the joy of stone fruit – I need to make these poached peaches. Perhaps the perfect Saturday evening dessert?

In fact I am in the mood for peaches so maybe if the weather co-operates these might be on the menu.

These look delicious – they are definitely on my weekend to make list

A highlight of my week reading my very talented sisters new blog – in love with Pantone -monium. I have been inspired – Pancake tone-monium coming soon – I promise.

These free invites make me want to have a cocktail party and here are the drink recipes I need to try!

Are you guys on pinterest yet? If so you need to start following this board – I don’t quite know why but it makes me laugh out loud everytime!

And if you need some perspective on how you should be spending your weekend. Here are some lists that will give you some inspiration.

And if that’s not enough – just to make you smile – how cute is this

Happy weekend!

Image via this is glamorous

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