Sweet Treats: The Raw Brownie

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Now I tried the recipe for this Raw Brownie a week ago. It is so good, it has honestly taken that long for my brain to accept that something without anything bad in, can taste so decadent.

Before you read this recipe and go – yeah Lucy, that sounds ‘nice’ – but let’s face it you aren’t going to make it because you find it difficult to believe that anything with the ingredient list I am going to give you could pass for a good brownie.

But I have evidence.

Number 1: I make a good normal brownie
For those of you who have never been around for tea. I make pretty decent normal brownies, gooey, soft and very chocolatey. So I think I am a good judge of a brownies.

Number 2: This passed the taste test with 5 people – all who have asked for the recipe

Number 3: ( and this is the real clincher) – My unsuspecting male house mate powered his way through the tin of brownies whilst I was away at the weekend – upon my return I asked where they were and he told me he ate them – his verdict – very rich and decadent treat! Haha! I fooled a full grown man into thinking the fudgy gooey brownies were normal fugey gooey brownies.

Ladies and gentlemen I rest my case.

Now I am not saying that if you ate these brownies all day every day you wouldn’t put on a bit of weight. You probably would – they have nuts in them after all. But as a weekly treat, they make a pretty good alternative.

So let’s get on with it shall we. The moment that will change your life.

The recipe 

I was inspired by My New Roots Raw Brownies – one of my favourite places to go for healthy and delicious recipe inspiration. To be honest before this I had never contemplated make raw desserts like this. But it looked yummy and was packed with goodness so why not right! So here is my adapted version (to suit my sweet tooth and cupboard stores). I hope you enjoy!



200g Walnuts
250g Medjool Dates ( I ended up using a whole big packet)
110g Cocoa Powder
50g Raisins
100g Almonds
¼ tsp Sea Salt



  1. Place the Walnuts in a food processor and blitz until they have turned into a light flour type consistency ( This made me think Walnut flour – the new addition to my next banana bread!)
  2. Add the Cocoa Powder and Salt, pulse until everything is combined
  3. Next pit your Dates ( this can get quite sticky) turn on your food processor and add your dates one by one until everything is combined – this should now turn into a crumb like mixture that sticks together if you push it. If it is too dry – try adding another Date or some Raisins
  4. Chop your Almonds slightly. Mix with your Raisins and in large bowl combine these with your brownie mix
  5. Next press the mixture into your tin and place in the freezer for 1 hour to set

Then be prepared to be happy and eat yourself some good for you brownies! Now that’s your weekend sorted!

Brownies Final 

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