Down the year of the rabbit hole….

So what happens on Wednesday lunch time when you’re sitting in the office eating your From Scratch salad, perusing food websites and emails for inspiration, and you get an email telling you the best place to go for a Chinese New Year feast? – Dim Sum in particular….

Most people in my situation would either ignore it or plan to exploit the loop-hole in the rules and use Chinese as one of their occasional dinner trips to satisfy their dim sum fix. In my over excited state I did neither.

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Out of the Indian Ocean, into the frying pan…

After surviving a (seemingly deadly!) bout of flu in the first few weeks of January on predominantly porridge and fruit, I was fortunate enough to have an early break with a ten-day holiday in the stunningly beautiful Mauritius. Despite not cooking myself, the country’s multicultural cuisine and abundance of fresh ingredients ensured I ate plenty of great food from scratch – the taste of sunshine is amazing! Continue reading