Banish the Bland

I just wanted to write a quick post about why you would eat From Scratch.

The other day I went out for dinner ( I know, not From Scratch – but there is a point so bare with me)

I ordered a fairly simple noodle dish which I received and did taste very nice, but it didn’t really have flavour it was just nice (I think perhaps It might have been the msg) anyway the point the food tasted nice but it was beige. No other colour just beige. It supposedly had about 10 ingredients in it – all of them apparently were beige. Now essentially there is nothing wrong with it, as I said it tasted nice but that was it.

Today for Lunch I made the noodle dish below, it took me about 15mins. And it is not beige. Its got about 5 ingredients only one of the beige (the noodles).

It tastes delicious and whats more it looks great. And because its colourful I know its healthy, I know exactly what went in there and it doesn’t include msg. SO why go for beige blandness when you can have a rainbow of colour?

Right Rant over. Get cooking some colour #Banish the Bland

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