My Fig and I

Today I have had a love affair with figs. I think figs might be the greatest reason for September. Bold I know, but it’s worth considering I assure you.

After managing to get my hands on a couple of pounds (we are talking weight not monetary value, although thanks to seasonality and good old market shopping they weren’t far off) of figs and decided to go a little crazy. I have big plans for some sort of savoury fig and cheese tart for tomorrows lunch, maybe followed by a fig and almond sweet desert but those dreams I am saving for tomorrow. Instead, today I decided a lovely jar of fig jam would be my goal, with an accompanying loaf of bread.

This was a very hot combo to try considering the balmy heat that London is currently giving off, the oven and boiling jam made a trip to the gym irrelevant as I was cooking in my home sauna! Surely though all the extra effort in the heat means that it will be all the more worth it.

I am yet to dig in as the jam is still cooling but I am confident from the smell it’s going to be a tea time treat that is worth the wait.

In the meantime if you are in the mood why not attempt your own version for tea tomorrow.

Here are the recipes

Wholewheat Crown Loaf


1lb Strong White Flour

200g Wholewheat Flour

2tsp Salt

1 sachet fast action Dried Yeast

1 tbsp Honey

350ml luke warm Water

Olive Oil

Poppy Seeds


  1. Add all the flour, salt and yeast into a bowl. Make a well in the middle and add honey and then water and mix until full combined
  2. Place the dough on a floured surface and kneed for 5 mins, leave to rest for 5 and then knead for another 5mins until soft
  3. Leave for a further 5 mins and then roll out into a rectangle about 20cm x 40cm, brush on some olive oil and sprinkle poppy seeds over. Cut into 6 lengths with a pizza cutter and twist each one
  4. Twist all 6 strands together and join the ends so you have a crown shape
  5. Place on a baking tray and cover with cling film to rise for about 35 mins
  6. Once risen place in a preheated oven (200c) for 35 mins until golden brown
  7. Leave to cool if you can

Quick Fig Jam


500g Figs ( about 6)

150g Caster Sugar

Zest of 1 Lemon

125ml Water


  1. To prepare the figs remove the stalk and chop into quarters
  2. Place in a pan with the sugar and lemon zest, pour in the water and simmer until the sugar has dissolved (about 10mins)
  3. Strain the mixture and push through a sieve until almost everything except the skins and really pulpy bits are through (I did this is two stages as my bowl was on the small side – it works both ways so do whatever you need to)
  4. Then work the jam up to a rolling boil for about 10 – 15mins until thick
  5. Pour into a sterilised jar and leave to cool

This is great on toast or bread, as an accompaniment to some cheese or why not add it to a cake or some biscuits, whatever your fig filled heart desires.

Yum! I will update on other Fig delights soon.

Happy Weekend x

One thought on “My Fig and I

  1. Sounds yummy Lucy , wish I were there to share the bread and figs. The fig crop in this area has been poor, mainly due to the odd weather we have had this year.