A pot of magic beans

So as I have already said I am trying to be a bit healthier for lent. This didn’t stop me eyeing up a ice cream shop on my way back home this afternoon. Luckily for my stomach and wallet, it was closed, so no harm done.

Healthy food can sometimes take a bit of a beating from the old taste bud police, because lets face it everything tastes better with butter and salt. It just does.

However healthy definitely doesn’t have to mean bland. Just like jack in the beanstalk I proved with to myself with a delicious pot of bean chilli. Not quite the same pot of magic beans.  Unfortunately there was no giant, no cow and no pantomime dame but there was good eating. So as promised I am delivering some delicious and healthy recipes.  As they would say in the Simpson’s ‘It’s hear its healthy and it doesn’t want any more bears.’

Bean Chilli


250g pulse mix – Black Eyed beans, Black Turtle beans, Butter beans, Haricot beans, Lima beans, Pinto beans, Red Kidney beans, Rose Cocoa beans, Alubia beans and Mung beans ( don’t have to use all those beans but diversity does add a certain something – most supermarkets/health food shops will do some sort of pulse mix that you can use)


2 cloves garlic

1 ½ peppers – I used 1 yellow, ½ red

½ tsp cumin

½ tsp cinnamon

2 tsp chilli paste ( I know not a 100% from scratch – but you can make your own if you want- it just gives is a good Smokey kick)

500ml Stock

1 tin tomatoes( or homemade tomato sauce)


  1. Soak your beans the night before you want to make it – most take about 12 hours so make sure you remember otherwise you will be eating really late!
  2. 12 hours later/ whenever you are going to make your chilli drain the beans, put them in a pan of water, boil rapidly for about 10mins and then leave to simmer for about an hour ( top up with water if you need to)
  3. In another pan, soften your onion and garlic, add the cumin and coriander along with the chilli paste and chopped up peppers, allow to soften
  4. Pour in the tomato and stock and bring to the boil
  5. Once the beans have been boiling for an hour, drain them and add them to the rest of the mixture. Simmer for another hour until tender and ready to eat

I served mine with rice but you could wrap it in tortillas- Whatever suits you.

I know it’s a bit of a long winded recipe and with the beans it takes time, but it was delicious and provided me with dinner and lunch the next day- what more could you ask for hey!

Until next time happy eating 🙂

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