40 days and 40 Nights of Normalcy

So after my ode to pancakes last week, I thought it was time to put hands to computer and discuss the other side of pancake day – Lent. Regardless of whether you are religious, the next few weeks up to Easter offer a great motivational opportunity to try out a new habit that you have been attempting to pick up.

People try all sorts of things from exercise to new hobbies. Nonetheless more often than not people choose something to do with food.

Clearly, I have done my fair share of food habit experiments and I definitely don’t discourage people from trying to build good food habits. In fact, if you fancy, why not eat From Scratch until Easter. For myself though I wanted to do the opposite. Instead of the extreme ranges of eating behaviour I have been cultivating (one minute From Scratch deliciousness, the next making porridge because I can’t be bothered to cook) I have decided for Lent I just want to eat normally and well.

Food can carry a lot of emotion, we can feel proud, comforted or just in love with food. I don’t think emotion is supposed to be good when it comes to food, but I feel its almost inevitably part of it.

However just because you have emotion doesn’t mean you need extreme. So, what does that mean for my stomach and me? Simple, nice healthy normal meals. Just like From Scratch- no deprivation, just delicious food everyday.

Hopefully filled with a lot of love.

What I am trying to teach myself is that love can sometimes be a delicious 10 bean chilli, rather than a butter and sugar filled chocolate fudge cake. I know crazy, but true.

So if you are on a similar mission for the next few weeks this is the place to be. I will be winging my most successful delicious and healthy recipes your way as often as I can.

With the sun shining through my kitchen window it is really starting to feel like spring is on its way. What does that mean? Well, lots of healthy energising colourful meals are going to start appearing at my dining table and hopefully yours.

With that in mind I will let you know how the 10 bean chilli goes tomorrow 🙂

One thought on “40 days and 40 Nights of Normalcy

  1. Love the way you write,so interesting.The pancakes you made the other day were super.Keep it going.
    Love Granpa xxx