Suppers From Scratch Challenge Week: Day One

So here we are on the first day of the Suppers From Scratch Challenge week. So exciting!

I am not going to write an epic on how great the week will be, how nice the food will be, how it doesn’t matter that it takes a bit longer because the satisfaction is so much greater once you have done it.

That’s all true.

But really I just wanted to say, if you are feeling a bit daunted dont worry. Just try one recipe, or just make some bread. Sometimes its not about making massive changes, sometimes its just about the small the things.

So whack a smile on your face, go and get some fresh ingredients and whip up a tasty From Scratch tea.

Heres my Fish pie:

I would love to find out how your weeks going and how your fish pie or bread turned out- Add a comment below or on Facebook. Or send me a photo if you have got one.

Heres hoping tomorrow is just as good 🙂

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