Thats all Folks…

So here we are. The last day of my From Scratch Challenge.

I can’t believe we are here already. It doesn’t seem very long ago since I started back in January with the Flu. But when you look back a lot has happened this year.

There have been disasters, triumphs, patient cooking and a few tantrums. But we are almost out the other side.

Today for my final From Scratch meal I am cooking spicy sticky ribs, cranberry duck with roast -potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli. Delicious Huh! Oh and Chocolate.

You heard me right: home made From Scratch Chocolate. It’s never too late to conquer Everest. It is currently setting in the fridge but its looking good.

Not quite the disaster we faced last time!

It all sounds pretty good so I will file the full report tomorrow. Hopefully with some nice new years realisation.

The only real question now is what I do next year. Well, have no fear I am not going anywhere. The rules might relax a bit more (I don’t think I can live without frozen peas) but I will be bringing you the 100% From Scratch and not quite 100% From Scratch recipes and experiments that I try. This is my year to conquer dairy. Make a good baguette and oh my first official wedding cake (not for me of course).

So I guess you want to know what I learnt.

Well eating From Scratch taught me that sometimes patience is key and you end up with something a lot nicer with preparation and persistence.

You can’t always get it right first time and that’s ok, because eventually you will have something that resembles chocolate setting in your fridge.

Never buy supermarket bread it is such a waste. Nothing beats homemade bread fresh from the oven with some nice butter melting over it.

Good seasonal ingredients is a joy, everything just tastes much better. Go to farmers markets, they’re fun.

You might not lose too much weight eating From Scratch but you won’t put any on either (and I have eaten more cake than most this year).

I have to push myself to get out of my routine even when cooking From Scratch I make the same old meals so it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

I love food and even more than this I love writing.

And finally if you put your mind to something you can actually achieve it. Maybe not exactly as you dreamed it or thought it would work but the point is if you want to eat From Scratch for a year you can – I mean if I can do it- anyone can.

Happy New Year! 2012 the year to dream even bigger 🙂

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