Yog Me Mama

After my recent dairy failures it was with great trepidation I attempted yoghurt. Yogurt is apparently ‘really easy’ so if I couldn’t get this right then I think my career in attempting to make dairy From Scratch would be well and truly over.

But determined/stupid as ever I was convinced I could at least get this one right.

I have learnt the importance of preparation now, so just to be sure I read about 10 different recipes and got my ingredients the day before I attempted to make it. I checked my equipment with the diligence of a Formula One team until I was convinced my wheels wouldn’t go skidding off if rain hit the track.

So I was ready to go, I couldn’t blame lack of research, lack of preparation, or a complex recipe.

It was just me, the yogurt and a desperate hope that this would not be my latest failure in a long run of dairy flops.


500ml Whole Milk

25g Dried Milk Powder

3 tbsp Plain live yogurt



  1. Put the milk in a saucepan and whisk in the dried milk powder.
  2. Place over a medium heat until the milk steams and bubbles appear around the edge.
  3. Pour into a warmed mixing bowl and leave to cool until a thermometer reads 46C (or in the absence of a thermometer, dip a clean finger in and if you can leave it there for 20 seconds without undue pain it’s about right)
  4. Whisk in the live yogurt and cover bowl with cling film and wrap it in a clean towel and leave somewhere warm for six to eight hours (I found my was done by six hours in.)
  5. When it’s thickened and looks set pour it into a clean airtight container and refrigerate.



I made it! I know it feels a bit like congratulating a child for eating their broccoli but I had overcome my dairy curse and pulled of some pretty delicious yoghurt, which I then enjoyed with some honey and on top of a lovely hot chilli con carne.

I will admit this isn’t an epic, but sometimes watching Mean Girls can be just as rewarding as Ben-Hur!

If I can do yogurt then I will one day be able to do cheese and, dare I hope, chocolate. 🙂

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