Spaghetti Boring-phase

Now I know I promised a cake blog and it is coming, but trying to describe an epic victoria sponge, black forest gateau, banana cake, bread and macaroon baking day is taking its time and since then stuff has happened.  So I’m filling you in on this week and sharing perhaps the least attractive emotion of this experience so far…. Laziness…..

This is a story about spaghetti bolognese, or to be more precise farfalle bolognese. I know I have already shared my spag bol recipe, which remains its goodself, but for once this isn’t a story about food: it’s about laziness. So it’s new topic altogether, if not a little lazy 🙂

Last night I was coming back late after a bout of shopping and all I could think was “I just want to chuck something in the oven and pull it out in two minutes – ideally some sort of fat filled comfort food, like spring rolls.” But I knew I wasn’t allowed. That fact didn’t help matters as it only fanned the flames of desire. Nonetheless I resolutely stuck to my guns, I have committed to From Scratch all year and this is part of the experience.

So with this great distain I steadfastly decided to cook my own spaghetti bolognaise at about 8.30pm. In my head this was like Ready Steady Cook – red tomatoes, green peppers, sprinkle of salt and pepper, fifteen minutes, done! Easy!

After the swoop around the supermarket to pick up eggs and tomatoes, waiting in a queue, and rushing home, I didn’t start cooking until around 8.45pm (not ideal).

We all know the story by now of speedy dinners, an optimistic process ruined by high expectations and a slow work ethic. So as you guessed I fell short of this 9pm challenge. In the end it was more 9:30pm.

However I did have a speedy supper mindset, making my pasta at lightening pace in the food processer. Then as I couldn’t be bothered to chop, I blitzed everything for tomato sauce in my Magimix and chucked it in a pan with some water, seasoned and added a few sliced tomatoes. This made a great base sauce – I left it simmering whilst I rolled my pasta, which took longer than expected. I browned my meat, mixed my sauce, and amalgamated the two. Then I thought I would love to make pasta bows. I’m board of just rolling out pasta, so I made bows cutting each one, pinching them in the middle and hoping they would hold. They weren’t the neatest but I was quite proud of my edible pasta bows. Unfortunately by this time it was 9.20pm and I was grumpy (not helped by the pasta roller handle falling on my toe :(). But I worked through, got my pasta on and settled down at 9.30pm having made Bow Bolognaise From Scratch in 45 mins.

Black tie pasta…

Did I feel satisfied?  Yes.  But truth be told it lacked the true comfort factor, it was more relief. Not some beautiful poetic moment where I realised how wonderful it is to have made my delicious meal From Scratch. Instead I was just tired, grumpy, and really didn’t want to do the washing up.

However the next day I realized that I had actually learnt something.

Number 1. Whilst cooking did relax me it’s not always enjoyable

Number 2. From Scratch isn’t always the easiest choice (go figure!)

Finally, number 3. I’m not always going to love it, there is not always going to be a story and I’m not always going to feel great. However by committing to it, I achieved something and at the end of the year it’s going to be an experience that makes up part of the collage of this exciting experiment that I can say I accomplished.

I think it’s along the lines of, you might not love every moment of every experience but when you do reach the end it’s not only something you have achieved, but you have learnt that it’s not always going to be an effortless romp. Does that mean you should stop? Hell no! Everyone’s path usually has a few stinging nettles in the way but they don’t tend to talk about it when they reach the top. And if it was easy would it be as worthwhile?

More to the point if it was easy everyone would be doing it. And if everyone does it, it’s boring.

With this in mind maybe I should have another stab at chocolate… If at first you don’t succeed…

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