Currently feasting on …. Chia Seed pudding

Coconut Chia Seed

I think I am about two years late for this but Chia Seeds are very cool, who knew? Apparently a lot of people. So many in fact that one of my favourite cafe chains Le Pain Quotidian has its own chia seed pudding. There’s me chowing down on some baguette whilst my friend, who is clearly in the know, ordered a chia seed pudding. Of course having no idea what it was I had to have a taste. And I can confirm it was delicious. Don’t you love discovering something new. I do.

As with all new things I wanted to find out more. So I did some research and discovered Chia Seeds are incredible. Something nutritionally beneficial and delicious, I am in.

So here is why you should try Chia Seed pudding

  1. It is yummy – it might look a little weird but trust me it’s delicious
  2. It makes a great healthy dessert when you want something cold and refreshing ( i.e. ice cream)
  3. Chia is gluten free and high in dietary fibre which helps digestion
  4. It is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids ( FYI – I don’t really know what this means but I am assuming it is good)
  5. It is high in antioxidants
  6. It contains eight times more Omega 3 than Salmon, five times more calcium than milk, seven times more vitamin C than Oranges, three times more Iron than Spinach and twice the potassium content of Banana

If you want more reasons I found a great list here. Oh and did I mention it is yummy. Well there you go.

I knew after all of this you would want to have a go so I made my own recipe for you to try

This makes enough for about 6 puddings – it is quite filling so you don’t want to big a portions.


70g Chia Seeds

400ml Light Coconut Milk

½ tbsp Desiccated Coconut

1 tbsp Honey

For topping – Roasted Coconut Strips / or you could try a fruit compote, some fresh fruit, jam – whatever takes your fancy really


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together
  2. Spoon into your pudding bowls, cups or whatever you plan to serve this in
  3. Place in the fridge for 4 hours to chill/set (give this a stir ½ way through)
  4. Add your chosen topping and then eat

Chia Seed 2

P.s. Chia seeds start as small black seeds and in the liquid turn gelatinous and it could be said to resemble some sort of frog spawn – don’t be put of by this, unless you really hate this sort of food, it is tasty, I promise.

I hope you enjoy having a go at this. If you are not sure where to get Chia seeds, most health food shops I have been to have them, as does Holland and Barrett.

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