Out of the Indian Ocean, into the frying pan…

After surviving a (seemingly deadly!) bout of flu in the first few weeks of January on predominantly porridge and fruit, I was fortunate enough to have an early break with a ten-day holiday in the stunningly beautiful Mauritius. Despite not cooking myself, the country’s multicultural cuisine and abundance of fresh ingredients ensured I ate plenty of great food from scratch – the taste of sunshine is amazing!

Whilst this was a break from my own culinary reality, it was a nice reminder of what this project is all about – really enjoying great food.

And I definitely picked up some great recipes to try at home (don’t worry, when I make them I will share).

So back to cold, grey, rainy England with a renewed sense of excitement about the project, and as I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, in my first week back I hosted my first dinner party from scratch!

Two very enthusiastic friends were happy to dive head first into hot oil to cook up a hearty and delicious fish and chips (not the classiest of dinner party choices, I know … but sometimes class can’t compete with comfort).

Here is the abbreviated recipe and method for scrumptious fish and chips from scratch:

This meal involved very little preparation, other than a large amount of hot oil in a pan and lots of potato peeling – I very selfishly left the potato peeling and chopping (and debate over how to cut the potatoes to get the desired ‘chip’ shape) to my very wonderful friends – if you want to know we went for chip shop shape.

Meanwhile, as they put it, I whipped up a batter (merely seasoned flour and water), heated the oil and started whipping up the lemon cake.

Two and a half hours of cooking, 3 batches of chips, fish (and even a small bit of broccoli) in hot oil, 2 burning fingers, an entire sink of cold water and tray of ice later, we emerged triumphant with the most satisfying meal ever – (I’ve included a photo and I wont lie, I think it looks like the most unappetizing heart attack on a plate, but rest assured it was delicious!)

It was so good in fact we never even got around to the lemon cake, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it made a handy, if not very healthy and nutritionally unbalanced, lunch on Friday.

All in all Suppers From Scratch first dinner party rose to the occasion like a perfectly formed soufflé 🙂

(I saw a sign in Camden that claimed they had the best fish and chips in Camden – they were wrong, nothing beats homemade 🙂 )

4 thoughts on “Out of the Indian Ocean, into the frying pan…

  1. What’s with the ‘two enthusiastic friends’? My name is Dave and the other is Naomi. Get it right.

  2. Loving it lucy, very impressed with the fish and chips, and cant wait to hear whats next xxx