In the mood for…. Andalucia

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I just got back from a 10 day trip around Andalucia and my head and tastebuds are still reeling from the experience. Everything is so packed with flavour. Life there is decadent and bright. The focus on pleasure is unrivalled, it is something that seems to be built into the ground of each city. And what’s more the food is incredible, rich in flavour and uncompromisingly delicious. Oranges, dried fruit, mint tea, almond sweetened pastry’s, Iberico ham, chorizo and prawns, the list of decadent tastes is pretty much endless. In short it was pretty inspiring stuff. Want to know the best part? Well we finally have a similar climate to that of southern Spain, and seeing as I am not willing to part with my holiday memories too quickly, be prepared for some Andalucian inspired dishes. In fact, I might go and make one right now. So check back in a few days if this has whetted your appetite.

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In the Mood for …. Paris

Paris Mood Board

I just got back from the most incredible Paris mini break and am now completely in love with all things Parisian. Don’t you find that when you are planning a holiday or a trip you ended up craving all of the things before you even go? A few days ago I was already dreaming of Croissants and Chocolate Chaud, Macaroons, Breton striped tops and the twinkling lights along the Seine. I don’t just get this way with holidays though, even watching films or reading books can really put me in the mood for something. For me this always ends up with my taste buds craving something. You know when you watch a great film and wanted to get in the kitchen and recreate the cake you saw them eating or delicious roast. Whatever it is I feel like acting on this inspiration is one of life’s little treats. I completely gorged on Soufflés and am now determined to master the art… so watch this space.  Now I have got you all inspired why not try some of these or these french classics. 

Bon Appétit!

Look Up

Look Up 1

As a city dweller I always thought I was used to living near big buildings and enjoyed being around them. But New York is a whole different ball game. Buildings are so tall that sometimes you have a clear blue sky but have to go in search of the sun in the shady skyscraper lined streets.

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An English Gal In New York

I have just had the pleasure of spending a week exploring New York. I had an absolute blast, so thought instead of my usual recipe I would share some of my trip and the great food I ate.

So be prepared for a mini series on a tourists view of New York in the next day or two.

I thought I would start with how to discover a city via cupcakes

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